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TTL2 delay

2008-11-09 13:33:08 by raiki-kun

It is November already and TTL2 is still unfinished; my forecast is this: it may be ready on December, but chances are weak. I don't think it'll take more than until the end of January...
Please don't lose your patience. The more someone waits for something, the better it tastes later :]


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2008-11-12 07:26:59

Don't worry. I'll hold on to my patience. What happened?

raiki-kun responds:

Life XD
My co-worker has more important things to do - studying. But we do have respect for this movie and will finish it!


2008-11-16 12:38:38

I'm sorry!
From around 20 December untill the end of january I'll have no more lessons, so I'll be deffinitely able to finish it!
People! Keep you Faith!

raiki-kun responds:



2008-11-19 08:02:56

You guys can do it. Studies are really a priority, yet it sucks though.


2008-11-30 10:18:01

when is it don i wont to wock it :(

;( im so sad

raiki-kun responds:

Just don't think about it for now XD