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Spliter, my TTL2 co-worker, has updated his journal, with information about how TTL2 is going on his side, plus some pics, this is the post: /yes-finally-after-5-weeks-of-no-news-

We are doing this, just not at the pace we wanted to.

Hey there.
TTL2 is going at it's pace. Just for you to see we Are doing things, my co-worker Spliter made a blog about his life, his project, and stuff, and it includes updates about TTL2 from his part (It already contains a post with his description of the movie and pictures of models!). If you're interested, here's the link:

overall Two-Thirds-Life 2 progress

2009-01-10 11:45:20 by raiki-kun

We've just (completely) finished everything until Black Mesa East. My co-worker didn't have much free time but still he's at a good pace right now. The movie won't be finished by the end of this month though. I'm pushing the release date to the end of February. By the end of January I'll have my own laptop so I'll be able to work simultaneously with him.

TTL2 delay

2008-11-09 13:33:08 by raiki-kun

It is November already and TTL2 is still unfinished; my forecast is this: it may be ready on December, but chances are weak. I don't think it'll take more than until the end of January...
Please don't lose your patience. The more someone waits for something, the better it tastes later :]


2008-09-03 04:59:35 by raiki-kun

It is most probable that, right now, while Spliter is doing his part of TTL2, I will restart another old project which I gave up on doing a few years ago - DM-Deck64. This will be a 7/8-minute-long movie depicting a last man standing match (last one to stay alive wins) in Unreal Tournament (1999), in the map DM-Deck16][, with the difference that this one will have 64 players. Me and Spliter will be among the main players there. You won't see the death of 64 sticks, but only about half (there will be mass killings).
This won't be another parody, just a nice stick action movie showing everything UT has to offer (at least in terms of Deathmatch), and every strategical thing you can do in that map. It will include relics.
The movie's gonna be 6-8 minutes long, with several songs. The music style is old dance, example: Martin Solveig - Rocking Music.
Spliter will collaborate with me once again, but this time only with the models, explosions, and other SFX.
I don't know when this will be released, because I'm gonna have a lot on my head from now on (getting the driver's license, finding a job, working), and I gotta redo all the backgrounds (about 100), and the stick animations will be really difficult in this movie (this isn't TTL2 where there's a lot of dialogue jokes)
These images are promo wallpapers I did back when I was working on this movie (as you can see, this time the backgrounds will be hand-drawn, and kinda simple). These sticks didn't come out really good, but don't worry, they'll look just like in the TTL2 trailer.
I'll keep you informed of the progress!


TTL2 trailer is online

2008-08-30 17:14:47 by raiki-kun

The trailer is online, but, very unfortunately, I submitted it to the wrong account, here's the link:

I just finished everything there was to do. Now I'm gonna send it to Spliter so he can do the models, and I'll start doing the trailer. It (the trailer) should be ready in 2 or 3 days.

my part of TWO-THIRDS-LIFE 2 is finished

Hello everyone!
I'm sorry for having been dead for so long. I haven't been doing TTL2 for a LONG time because of lack of enthusiasm. But I can happily say that I'm really starting it now. The thing is, I made my goals too high by deciding there will be hand-made backgrounds and facial animations. Screw it. The sticks will be just like in the first movie, so will be the backgrounds. Either this, or I can't do this movie at all. That's the reason I haven't been doing it for like 3 years. So I'm really sorry for all the propaganda about the graphical greatness of the sequel - you can forget it XD
I had made about 8 good-quality backgrounds for point insertion -- I'm not gonna use them, but I'll include them in the movie as bonus stuff. Also if there are any jokes that don't fit in the movie itself but are good, they'll be in the bonus menu.